Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Free Dumb Zine?

The term zine is short for “magazine,” a collection of varied creative written and visual work distributed to enthusiast readers. It is a great way to give ideas and communicate information to see what is happening around the world behind the mainstream mass media, banks, churches, shopping malls, offices etc., that enslave us and make us ignorant! That's the reason why I decided to have a blog entitled "Free Dumb". This social media is open to all people, regardless of gender, age and country, as long as it tackles issues about health; history; mass media; culture; sub-culture; politics of gender, race, class and age. It's either local dialect (Visayan, Cebuano), Tagalog or English.

Once you contribute, this blog is not mine alone, this is OURS!

You can send your contribution/s through this e-add: letsmakeazine@gmail.com


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