Tuesday, June 26, 2012

uNiTy+DiVeRsITY By: mettaforce

Every day, we can read stories of everything getting bad or worse. Everywhere we look, signs are telling us that we need to change our lives and our ways of seeing the world. In most westernized and civilized places, and except those who live in very less commercially organized landscapes, humans have become the most destructive species on the planet. Most of us don’t know how to live correctly anymore. We forgot that we are vulnerable part of nature too among with many diverse beings that exist. If it is true that we possess the most intelligent brain in the course of biological evolution, why is it that what is happening seems to be the opposite? If you read between the lines, newspapers, books, and even images in the television are telling us that we are going the wrong direction. We are on the edge of the civilization, on a new world order as it is seen. Every empire collapses, every country perishes, and all the ancient large and wealthy cities disappears along with its monetary systems, pharaohs and cavalries. Their stories can now only be found in the history book, or in the museums of archaeology and anthropology, or perhaps, still buried beneath the earth. But unlike those cultures, ours is much destructive and insanely parasitical. In this modern digitized world, our lifestyles had a very severe impact to our environment and ourselves. Most of us have been hypnotized by the seductive images of dissatisfaction flashing on the TV screen, in the altars or in the preacher’s pulpit. In the internet, magazines, and billboards in supposed to be open spaces, we are being endlessly manipulated by these corporate sorcerers with their talismanic languages that dominate our everyday routine so we cannot find better ways to escape from insecurities, hysteria, consumerism, and industrial delusion that they are perpetuating in the web of mainstream psychology.

We have so many opportunities to wake up and create our own meanings but very few are eager enough to help start building the new road, heading the better paradigm where ourselves will not suffer anymore. Science or religion, we should question their justifications - the planets in the universe always deteriorate or die, we are the centre of the creation, we are the super-specie, only the strong will survive, we are on the top of the food chain, we must use up our resources and leave our planet in the future, we all soon end up in heaven or hell, and so on… Our ways of understanding has been tremendously reversed and distorted and our so called teachers and our guardians along with their misleaders were seem more confused than us; without the idea where to stand, unconsciously shaping our perception through the hands of institutional dogma injected upon their brains while their idols are acting shallow on daily soap-operas and the models they’ve elected are doing the most stupid and disrespectful act in the afternoon game show, enjoying their privileges from slavery and social ignorance. One of the things we should not ignore is the pain to see our friends, families, or communities being consumed and torn apart by the power and authority that thrives through the labour of our sweat, time, and energy. As the forests are dying, the air that we breathe is becoming more toxic. While some toil their bones in the factories of glittering Nike shoes, cars, laser guns, toys and infinite hardware technologies that slowly devours the earth, no doubt that their brains have become less far from synthetic; becoming the mind of a transhuman – an obedient hardworking emotionally numb creature.

In this approaching age of singularity, we are being genetically programed to embrace the idea of fascism, racism, mass destruction, hatred and incredible greed. Through electronic mass media and popular culture ideology, we are being conditioned to accept the religious obsession to guns, bombs, sex, diseases, and deaths and so we will see our world only as an endless resource of energy and as a future industrial wasteland. Some of us haven’t learned the lesson of the history or rather, never knew the history. They have a very little conception of the past, and so the future they are facing seems bleak and uncertain. We should indeed write and create this so called future ourselves! It should not be directed by Hollywood or Wall Street or the Vatican, and surely not manufactured from the illusion of the mythical textbooks forced fed to the victims of these heartless institutions – schools, churches, etc. We should indeed reclaim our lives and build global connection to different people and culture. Many people in the world are increasingly waking up; the action against destruction is happening every day in many different parts of the world. We are all responsible now and we need to help and educate each other; we need to listen to each other for us to understand our different voices so that we can learn from each other and live in positive diversity and celebrate our preferred life. We should not let other people manipulate or dominate our existence. However you define it – capitalism, totalitarianism, communism, fascism, or an occult government with esoteric power that seeks to control every aspect of our lives, it is not strong enough to conquer our pure spirit. We should never divide ourselves to nations, races, religions, tribes, or any other political and ideological boundaries. With diverse, creative, and meaningful ideas and projects, we should unite in pushing justice, freedom, love, empathy, spiritual beauty, and conscious existence. Industrial civilization, mass media democracy, and blind allegiance are toxic ideas. It is killing our intellectual capacity, and blocking our spiritual infinity. In this paradigm, everything degenerates including our environment. But all histories of madness will end; it is just a temporary state of mind. The shock wears off, so they say…and we alone can heal it. This story should never happen again, our mistakes should be changed; this is just a reminder for those who forgot.

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